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What's in the bag?  Well, that's just it, you don't know!  When you order a bag we will make sure it is full of books (and maybe some non book merchandise) that you might never have heard of.  When you order a bag we will contact you with a questionnaire.  With your answers we will fill up a bag just for you. 

We will only produce 5 of each a week (because these take work, people!)

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We carry a variety of book related merchandise (see below).

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Socks, T-shirts, and Hats
Notebooks, Journals, and Fountain Pens
Teas, Candles, Tarot Cards
Jewelry by Dreamingtree Designs


Book Markers by Dreamingtree Designs


And More Bookmarks

Reading Glasses

Booklights, Sketching, Puppets, etc

Adult Coloring Books


Games (Chat Box, 156 Questions in Each Box)


Blank Note Cards (Note Cards are $1.99 each)

Greeting Cards